Tuesday, 15 September 2015

The newest branch to great adventure sport that is 'surfing' Red Bull Uleashed.

Weather your a traditionalist that needs the sand between your toes or a surfer that just wants to ride any wave possible. You can not help but be intrigued by Surf Snowdonia longest man made wave that is nestled in the Vally of Dolgarog, North Wales. To have waves at a touch of a button has until now only existed in my dreams.

I was driven in finding consistent surf and surfer's that would challenge and inspire me. Until now World class professional surfers just don't travel to the UK most of all Wales. Most people don't even know where Wales is. I am a very proud Welsh surfer and love the wild Welsh coastline that became the foundation of my surfing.

Scattered over the globe are numerous famous surf spots and any one of these countries could have developed such a fantastic surfing facility. But they didn't, Wave Garden created the best surf technology in the basque country and the first commercial centre open to the public was created in Wales and opened this summer in the form of Surf Snowdonia.

Red Bull unleashed surfing event has invited numerous international surfers to go head to head in the picturesque country that will stage the first inland surfing event. Eliminating surf inconsistency from a competition will be left with non stop surf action and many of the frustrations that competing can bring for both viewing and competing. Watching a surfer bob up and down for 20minuets waiting for a wave is not always the hight of entertainment.

I am thoroughly excited about the up coming event Red Bull Unleashed, and have my tickets ready for this weekend. The opportunity to watch an arena style complex and get up close and personal to the surfers and all the surf action. Personally I am excited for the Worlds best up and coming surfing at the very first Inland surfing competition.

Get your tickets now see some of the best surfers in the world in here in the UK! Visit


Saturday, 30 May 2015

Home Sweet Home

When I started surfing at 18 little did I know it would shape the next decade of my life. Searching for waves, travelling to new destinations, entering competitions, becoming a Billabong Team Rider and meeting my heroes.

My newest surfing challenge has surprisingly taken me back to my home soil Wales. I have spent years appreciating other countries and cultures, maybe I have forgotten what is on my door step. The Welsh country side has breath taking, rolling green fields, white mountain tops, and wild coastlines with hidden waves around every cliff top. The Welsh surfing scene is far from famous but we have a lot to offer. 

Not only is it beautiful its now going to have one of the most constant surf spots in the world. Settled on an old aluminium factory now stands Surf Snowdonia. The surf report from for this summer is 6ft for the advanced, 3ft for intermediate and safe surfing bays for beginners. The surfing community can come together and spectate surfing to its true potential and include all levels.

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Forest trails and 'secret' spot

Getting waves in the summer is hard enough on the sandy golden beaches of the south coast of France. There countless 'sunny surfers' and endless high pressures. So a little drive with a few rippers makes all the difference. You do have to wash your car a little more from the dust tracks and risk bottoming out, but I think its all worth the trouble for a little room to train.

Paige Hareb

Reubyn Ash

I think you have to push yourself to get better. I always try harder when there is someone pushing me. It so nice to have a surf with professional free surfer and aerialist Reubyn Ash and CT surfer Paige Hareb. They both have a completely different approach to surfing but definitely shred. Along with my coach Martin Walz to guide and focus this was a great experience!

Jo Dennison

Friday, 21 March 2014

Water polution.... The human race; we did this, we clean it up!

Out standing view of Cofete
Most European surfers have had the winter of their life. Three of the biggest swells maybe ever to hit the European coastlines in years. Records might have been broken for the largest waves ever surfed. But to every up side there is a down side. Coastlines have been batters ships have been washed up on the coast of France. Coastlines and floods in the UK will cost millions to repair. Here in the Cannery islands I have been dumfounded by the amount of plastic washed up on the west coast of Fuerteventura. Its an Canary Islands, in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Africa. Its such a small island at 1,660 square kilometres (641 sq mi) in the second larges ocean in the world With a total area of about 106,400,000 square kilometres. So the amount of plastic that has managed to wash up here makes me wonder how much water pollution is actually out there.


Otro Modo surf school do what little they can, beach cleans. So I was more than willing to role up my sleeves and get stuck in to do what feels like such a small contribution to clean this plastic up! 


Thursday, 2 January 2014

Winter Suits Are The New Bikini


The alarm is set for 5.30 January 1st, I can hear the rain and the wind on the window. Some feeling only a surfer knows makes you get up put your clothes on and begin the search. There is nothing more fun to me than throwing your gear in the car with a few friends and hitting the road. It’s a great way to start the year. When most people plan there New Year’s it usually means wearing shoes that hurt, copious amounts of alcohol and celebrations.

With the swell over 14ft on the Pembroke wave buoy and south wind, we headed north. Pulling up to a spot in the dark walking down a short, muddy wet lane and looking out to sea we saw our first set. A left hand point break with no one out. We surfed just three of us out for over two hours which by winter standard is not too bad!


Monday, 7 October 2013

The wild Azores Island with the Welsh Surf Team

 I was so excited when I was selected for the Welsh National Surfing Team 2013, I have not been able to represent Wales for over 4years. Not only was I excited to make the team this year the European championships was held on an island in the middle of the Atlantic ocean on one of the Azores Islands Sao Miguel. The Azores is such a unique place because is so surrounded by nothing but ocean it gets pounded by different weather systems and swells. The Islands are warm, green, and still have live Volcano. So not only where there great waves for the competition at any opportunity the team could jump in the van and head to natural hot springs or explore some other surf sports.

Thanks for driving Herbie
No GPS??
Outstanding views from the hilltops

The search.....

Steam from Volcano

The team...

OPEN - Harry Cromwell, Alex Morris, James Jones, Rhys Poulton
WOMEN - Jo Dennison, Amy Murphy
LONGBOARD - Connor Griffiths, Martin John
SENIOR - James Jones,
MASTER - Greg Owen
BODYBOARD - Rhys Poulton, AN Other
BODYBOARD - Amy Murphy
Team Manager Huw John.
Team Judge - Coryn Daniel.
The team was a really small but tight unit. For some it was their first time at an international competition an others have already reached the podium before and wanted a chance to still stamp their mark and fly the flag for Wales. Everyone surfed well it was a pleasure to be there to see Greg Owen reach the Final and get a podium finish, we are all proud.... No limit right?! Follow the link to watch my progression in the comp.

Saturday, 5 October 2013

A secret to summer....

Its always hard to find coaches and surfers to train with when you move around the glob so much. This is summer has been an exception, when fellow Billabong team rider Felicity Palmateer came to stay a week early in France before the Swatch Pro. She is sitting 17th on the WQS and hoping to jump the ratings to qualify and have some fun! https://www.facebook.com/felicity.palmateer.9
Martin a passionate surfer and genius in bio mechanics and psychology teamed up with us to do some training. I have learnt so much from him, and started to really enjoy my surfing. Massive thanks to all the time spent coaching. And felicity for pushing my surfing. I am looking forwards to working together for a longer period of time and seeing the results of hard work from me and knowledge from Martin. Keep watching https://www.facebook.com/pages/Jo-Dennison-surfer/213638738704632?ref=hl
Flic warming up

best boards #Rob Vaughan

I love to go left...