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ISA World Surfing Games Biarritz 2017

I’m 5 Times Welsh National Champion and former British Champion. I competed on World Qualifying Series 2011/12/13 as a self funded athlete. Having a day job as a surf instructor, working in bar at night and trying to train for competition just wasn’t sustainable with out a financial sponsor and moved back to Wales, where I got my dream job as Water Operations Manager at Surf Snowdonia, the first commercial Wave garden in the World. I have since been free surfing and training the last few years. Having a full time job has definitely effected my surf time, however, the wave count and riding time has allowed me to practise my manoeuvres. I’m surfing better than ever now I’m living in the mountains of North Wales.

After 3 years off competing and the announcement of surfing being in 2020 Olympics I’m looking forwards to start competing internationally again. This year I hope to participate in both the ISA World Surfing Games & ISA European champs in Norway. The Last international compet…

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