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The newest branch to great adventure sport that is 'surfing' Red Bull Uleashed.

Weather your a traditionalist that needs the sand between your toes or a surfer that just wants to ride any wave possible. You can not help but be intrigued by Surf Snowdonia longest man made wave that is nestled in the Vally of Dolgarog, North Wales. To have waves at a touch of a button has until now only existed in my dreams.

I was driven in finding consistent surf and surfer's that would challenge and inspire me. Until now World class professional surfers just don't travel to the UK most of all Wales. Most people don't even know where Wales is. I am a very proud Welsh surfer and love the wild Welsh coastline that became the foundation of my surfing.

Scattered over the globe are numerous famous surf spots and any one of these countries could have developed such a fantastic surfing facility. But they didn't, Wave Garden created the best surf technology in the basque country and the first commercial centre open to the public was created in Wales and opened this summer…

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