Round of 48 Surfest newcastle 6* WQS

The Burleigh Breaker is the first women's world qualifying event for the year and unfortunately I didn't get to surf in the event last week. It's one of the many world class right hand point breaks on the Gold Coast in Australia, so I was really keen to participate. I was sat on the waiting list as surfer 61! In the women's devision there are only 60 surfers that can enter the 6* event. Surfers from all over the world are battling it out to get a place on the WCT for the chance to win the ASP world title.

When I got a place in the Newcastle Surfest event I was willing to drive the 700km from the Gold Coast to Newcastle to compete.
First stop, Mt Woodgee factory to pick up the new sticks Ian Byrne had delicately shaped for me! Here's Paige and myself frothing on the our new boards. It's so nice to work with shapers in the country you are traveling in because they know what works best in the waves. Everyone at the Mt Woodgee factory are so helpful and know the equipment, so if you're in Australia and struggling to choose a board, go see them.
Thankfully Ornella Pellizzari, the Argentinian ripper, kept me company on our epic drive down the coast, playing me latin tunes and teaching me how to skate and speak Spanish. We drove from dusk 'til dawn and some more.

In the Newcastle Surfest event I managed to get to the round of 48, which for me was a good result. The photo at the top of the page is the wave that helped me get through the round of 60. In the round of 48 I came across some top surfers: Laura Enever, Georgia Fish and Brittani Nicholl. Kelly Slater says that when you loose heats you learn the most, so I hope he's right. I look forward to competing again!

The comp site, small right hand waves.
The girls are shredding in Australia so it's cool to hang out, watch them rip it up and go sightseeing in such a beautiful country.

Day tripping with Sofia...but we are well lost!

Sweet veiws...

The 8 hour drive to the Goldy is easier when there are waves coming!

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